Synchronicities have been on my mind recently.  First pioneered by the German analytical psychologist, Carl Jung, a “synchronicity” is the idea that there are no random coincidences.  In other words– coincidences happen for a reason.  And even if we, the puny human, cannot comprehend what or why an event has occurred, there is a greater masterwork at play, a bigger story being told, that we are simply not privy to.  Our windows of perception are tiny, myopic, and pathetic in the grand scheme.

Suffice it to say, there is a tremendous attractiveness to this idea. Various religions and schools of philosophical thought have long worked synchronicities into their teachings. In Buddhism, for instance, there’s the entire idea of karma and resurrection. That whatever slings and arrows we may be bearing in our current life (or good fortune, too), are the direct consequences of our decisions and actions that we made in our previous lives. That there is indeed a method behind the madness.

Obviously, this is an unfalsifiable belief.  There’s no way to prove its affirmative or negative, so there it goes, onto the dusty self right between the Flying Spaghetti Monster and Russell’s Teapot (good ol’ Bertrand– love that guy).  But like religion, belief in synchronicities is a kinda salve in world that can at times otherwise be cold, cruel, and unfeeling.  It comforts us to believe that a tragedy or accident was meant to happen.  That the towers were meant to fall.  That, for some reason, that was God’s plan.  That Gramps was supposed to die of cancer or that the family dog was supposed to be hit and killed by that asshole drunk, college kid.  When humans tell themselves stories that impose meaning onto the chaos, it gives us hope.  Hope that a new day will dawn and that the sun will yet again, one morning, shine once more.

On the topic of synchronicities, today I took the leap and posted an entry onto the /r/writers subreddit to see if there were any brave souls who were willing to partake in this daily “Alphabet Game” writing challenge with me.  (I even ended up setting up a whole new subreddit dedicated to the project!)  I’ve been lone-wolfing it for about two months now since the beginning of August and was just curious if anyone else would be keen on joining the great adventure.  And I got some takers!  /u/MrHeavenTrampler, /u/munchmallowqueen, and /u/Fluffyfrenchfries have all enlisted!  Wohoo!  Haha, welcome aboard, ladies and gents.  I have no idea where this ship is going, but we’re off!  Onward to new horizons!  🎉