The Relationship System

Last weekend I was having dinner with Alex and we got to talking about relationships.  I’ve been together with Bagel now for a little over two years and Alex, who’s known me for a good long while, was frankly flabbergasted and mind-boggled that I’d sustained this relationship with Bagel for as long as I have.  To be fair, if I’m being completely honest, I’m somewhat amazed too. Anyway, Alex suggested that I write up what I’d described to her. Haha, she even suggested that I write a “relationship book” one day! While I don’t think that’s ever going to happen, I still needed to complete my long-form writing for this week. So here we go.

First, some background.

As with many things, I think’s useful to understand whence this story starts in order to better appreciate where it is now.

When I was a (much) younger man, and I can say this now with the full benefit of 20/20 hindsight, but it is fair to say that I lacked a fair amount of social grace.  I was selfish and arrogant.  And looking back now, I realize I was quite insufferable.  It’s actually a small wonder that I possessed any friends at all.  Emboldened by having achieved a modicum of success early in life, that’d given me an inflated sense of self.  I remember studying very hard through my high school and college years, not even bothering with dating or paying an iota of interest to girls or relationships.  In my own mind, I was too busy for all of that.  While other kids partied and went out to have fun, I was always in my room or at the library studying.  While they went to Prom or Homecoming, I was inside hitting the books telling myself that, “one day, all those morons will be pumping my gas” while I, in my elaborate imagination, worked tirelessly towards a life of riches and luxury.

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