Wobble X

Inspired by the Google X model, I now feel every person should dedicate 20% of their free time/energy/passion to pursuing one of their “moonshot projects.” Like my mother always taught me: “Treat your own life like you’re a company.”  IMHO though, personal moonshot projects needn’t necessarily be hyper-ambitious or “world-moving.”  It simply needs to be something that moves you.  An endeavor/mission that inspires you to rise early in the morning.  (Inspired by this  YouTube video.)  In the video, Ben (DevDuck Games) describes how everyone aspires to wake early to work out Rocky-style or read The Odyssey, and maybe you’ll eventually get there– but in the beginning, Ben recommends that the best way to initially develop an early-bird habit (he rises every day at 5-5:30a, even on weekends!) is to wake early to work on something you enjoy.  In Ben’s example, he rose early each morning to play The Witcher 3 videogame!

I also think it’s important to nurture multiple personal moonshot projects.  Think of this 20% time as your time:  Pursuing some flame that inspires you.  But on some days, some flames burn more brightly than others.  Being promiscuous with your passions is important.   I’m already using most of my waking hours coding (and spending time with Bagel), but that coding has been mostly focused on day-trading concerns.  Kicking off 2020, I’m resolving to dedicate 20% of my time to:  A)  More writing!  At minimum, journal more frequently on this blog!  B)  More coding/data science projects that have nothing to do with day-trading.

Life is beautiful, expansive, and brimming with boundless, infinite possibilities!  But staying motivated and focused is critical path.  Even if you possess all of the money and time in the world, it’s all useless if you’re depressed and uninspired.  Stoke the flames of passion, stay hungry, and be promiscuous to keep your Galtian Motor healthily humming at all times!