The Meaning of Life

Ironically, we have never been more alone, disconnected, and isolated than we currently are in today’s technologically-sophisticated world.  We’ve never had more fancy toys and modern miracles at our fingertips than we have today.  But all of those wonders have increasingly led to an existence that is empty and devoid of meaning and purpose.

For eons, man has wandered the ends of earth wondering about his purpose.  About the meaning of life.  For whatever reason, we’ve overcomplicated and over-intellectualized.  Today, on this grey Tuesday, let me —The Great Wobble— put an end to all your questions.  I’ve got all the answers and today’s your lucky day.  I’m going to answer the most profound question in all the cosmos today to you for the very low, bottom-basement price of:  Free.

Man was made –maybe by the FSM, maybe not– to be happy.  This is not exactly next-level insight.  If we’re not doing it for happiness, then what else is it all for?  You seriously want to live a life of drudgery every day so you can be miserable tomorrow?  Really?

Ah, but what exactly is happiness?  Gretchen Rubin and a legion of others have attempted to answer this question.  But you don’t need some fancy book, university course, or YouTube video to tell you what you already know in your bones.  Hell, you don’t even need to read this article!  You know what happiness is.  It’s an emotion.  It’s the oxytocin and dopamine firing in your brain.  It’s neurochemistry; it’s endorphins!  This is why runners get that so-called “runner’s high.”

Now, to be sure, you don’t need physical exercise to be happy.  (Though that’s certainly a way to get it!)  You could take drugs (not advised) or drink alcohol (sometimes advised, depending on the context).  But specifically, you need to hit your “happy button.”

This isn’t exactly rocket surgery– everyone’s got a different happy-button.  Maybe it’s playing videogames or learning something new like Elixir or functional programming.  Or maybe it’s restoring classical cars or making stop-motion Claymation videos.

The meaning and purpose of life is to feel good.  Emotion is at the root of everything.  If you feel you’re living a life of never-ending  drudgery, stuck in some loveless marriage from hell, or trapped at the workplace from hell, or burdened by a thousand obligations that you resent and despise, tied down by a million expectations set upon you by some vengeful god, ask yourself:  Who exactly is putting these expectations upon you?

Maybe you’re in Sing Sing and you need to mop those grimy restroom tiles against your will, resentfully.  Okay, in that case, those expectations are set upon you by some prison guard (hopefully not of the Clancy Brown variety though).  Other than that though, for the rest of everyone else, chances are more that you have trapped yourself in some unimaginable prison of a thousand hells.

Should such be the case, I sincerely hope you’ll wake up one day.  Really wake up.  My personal take, and this’ll vary from person-to-person of course, is that you don’t want to be too free.  (I consider myself mostly libertarian so that’s a weird sentiment to utter aloud, I know.)  But from past experience, too much “lightness” is honestly a curse of its own.

Instead, the best setup is a Goldilocks kinda of burden-carrying.  Not too light where you’ll simply float away.  But not too much where you feel the soul-crushing weight of a thousand suns.  Just enough “heaviness” to give you a sense of responsibility and meaning.  For me, I totally encourage obtaining a Bagel.  For me, she’s been just the kick in the pants that I personally needed to get my act together.  But maybe that’s just me.  Please lemme know in the comments though any thoughts you may have.  Am curious!  😀