Fate & Destiny

Paperman (2012)

Hillary Clinton, to me, represents the very embodiment of fate and whatever higher powers that govern our universe, most clearly at work. IMHO, Clinton’s political career, a complete flaming train wreck of tragedy, unequivocally proves that God clearly exists. Clearly, humans do not control their own destinies.

How else can one explain the bizarre and totally bonkers election in November 2016? The wife of a celebrated President (well, maybe a little less celebrated now, but I remember the 90s… it was different then), a senator, and then the Secretary of State. Secretary of State! She has literally represented America on the world stage at the highest levels. And then ultimately losing to… Donald Trump? Seriously?

I genuinely believe, as long as you try your absolute best and have done everything you positively can, as long it’s fated to be, the universe will meet you halfway to make it happen.  And if it’s destined to not be, well, no matter how hard you try, no matter how determined you are, no matter how many sacrifices you make, it will simply not come to pass.  Period. If you think human will alone is sufficient, I suggest you look at Clinton’s life story. Give it a nice long read; it’s hefty. Aside from Michelle Kwan, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone else work so much, try so hard, come so close, but then still ultimately fail in the end. Hillary Clinton was (and still is) the Ultimate Hufflepuff. And I honestly say that with the utmost admiration. I disagree with many of her positions, but I also consider myself a fellow Hufflepuff. And so I admire her grit and sheer doggedness, even (especially) in the face of complete and total abject failure.

Life is short and can sometimes be cruel. But I feel as long as we maintain a perspective that there are truly higher powers at work, pulling the strings in ways we cannot always (or even begin to) comprehend or understand, such a mentality will help console ourselves in bad times and stay humble in good ones. Hillary, you tried your best and I’m genuinely sorry it didn’t work out. For what it’s worth, I rooted for you.

“In the absence of light, darkness prevails.”