Goals for 2021

Change is in the air!  Last Friday, we visited Mal for New Year’s Day. For fun, we each took a little quiz and from a list of ten items, identified what our most important priorities were in life. It’ll be neat when we revisit this topic this time next year! 😄

My top three: 1) Physical Health; 2) Wealth; 3) Interesting Hobbies.

Bagel’s top three: 1) Spiritual Enlightenment; 2) Career Success; 3) Traveling the World, Physical Health, and Interesting Hobbies. (She cheated and picked three for her third priority!)

Mal’s top three: 1) Soulmate Romance; 2) Contributing to Society; 3) Spiritual Enlightenment.

Last but not least: As I do every January, here are my goals for the new year, 2021:

My Goals for 2021

  1. Better use the environment and my “flow-states” to my advantage.  Know when I’m useless and need to just veg-out.  Know when I need to exercise.  Know when I need to visit the café or an external environment to get stuff done.  When I need to call someone or just talk to another human-being for the sake of my own sanity to share an idea that’s about to burst, tease something out, or just ward off loneliness.  Don’t “force it.”  As Matthew McConaughey says:  “Catch the greenlights.”  Go with the flow! Everything should feel easy. If it feels hard, I’m doing something wrong.
  2. Be more focused.  Set a schedule.  When working, work.  When playing, play.  Don’t constantly be in a “middle-state” where I’m doing something half-ass.  Middles are bad!  Extremes are good!  Either be “on” or “off.”  Be rigid and inflexible.
  3. Keep a physical calendar and stick it on the fridge where Bagel and I can IRL see it and have it be top-of-mind every day. Take periodic small day-trips with Bagel (and friends, hopefully!) in order to “recharge.”  A change of physical scenery is important and refreshes the mind!
  4. Money is (almost) everything.  You attract the energies you put out in the world.  In the past, I’ve always condescended money and thought it lowly and material.  But after losing so much money in 2020 (thanks, stock market!  And my own weak nerves!), I’ve now come around to a totally new position.  Yes, health and love/relationships are important.  But I’ve got those now!  (Knock on wood.)  So now we need to set the crosshairs on the next obstacle that’s really keeping me up at night:  Financial security.  Not just for myself but for Bagel too, who’s now really relying on me to figure things out.  In 2021, I need to find a way to make tons and tons of money.  Need that Tesla Cybertruck!! 🚘🚘🚘!!

Bagel’s Goals for 2021

  1. Introspect to heal internal wounds and traumas.
  2. Be honest with herself.
  3. Focus more on establishing a solid base of friends and family; create a feeling of “home”!
  4. Have a successful career.