Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera

Bagel and I have developed a fun routine where we will alternate “movie night” picks. Left on my own, I’d probably be the most useless life partner ever and just be stuck in my own world in my man-cave all the time. (All that Python and JavaScript isn’t going to write itself!) Having a dedicated movie night every few weeks though at least forces us to be on each other’s radar.

Anyway, for my selections, I’ve picked scintillating cinematic masterpieces such as the Rachel McAdams/Will Farrell vehicle, Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga and Sliding Doors. Bagel, OTOH, picks stuff like Frida, which we watched last week.

Personally, I dislike Kahlo’s art (it’s too dark, depressing, and morbid for my tastes). Bagel really connects with it though. I’m much more a fan of Rivera’s mural art– the work he did at 30 Rockefeller (that sadly never saw the light of day) and in Detroit speak to me much more. I don’t know what it is exactly, but to me when I see Rivera’s murals, it instills a sense of hope and wonder. A sense of progress. Human civilization and grandeur of history. In the epic sweep of time, we may all be little more than dust. But by golly, in this short time humanity’s around, we’re gonna galumph! To hell or high water.

In addition to Rivera’s art, my favorite part of Frida was seeing their housing setup in Mexico City! Good lord, it’s ingenious: Kahlo and Rivera essentially lived in their own buildings, connected by a sky bridge:

The best part of the movie!

What a great idea! Rivera lived in the red house while Kahlo lived in the blue one. I’ve already discussed with Bagel and once we make enough money one day, we’re definitely going to recreate this setup! Brilliant!