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Today I shared chapter one of The Republic on the r/FanFiction and r/thewestwing subreddits.

Prufrock451’s story, Rome Sweet Rome, is super-inspiring too. Warner Bros hired him to write a screenplay based on a Reddit comment! What an amazing story!

Posted on r/FanFiction:

My Fiction
Fandom: Real life– America, the Trump White House
Rating: “E for Everyone” (oh, but there is one f-bomb though, be forewarned…)
Title: “The Republic – A Chronicle of the Coronavirus”
Genre: Political satire/humor


Apologies in advance if this isn’t exactly the right place to post. I’ve searched on Reddit everywhere though and thought I’d start here. My writing is fiction (in that I’ve imagined all of the dialogue) but it’s also based on real people and genuine current events/historical facts. Quarantined in my apartment for four weeks now, I was going crazy. So I decided to start writing something last week in the spirit of Buckley, Borowitz, and Sorkin– all writers who I admire a lot! I hope you enjoy and that it brings a moment of levity to your day!

The story will largely be about how I imagine the Trump administration responded to the Coronavirus global pandemic as it unfolded earlier this year.

Writing-wise, I really aspired to join the all-time greats with a real home run of a first sentence (as we all know, the most important sentence). IMHO, the pantheon being:

  • “Call Me Ishmael.”
  • “It is a truth universally acknowledged…”
  • “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”

And here’s me, swinging for the fences:

  • Donald J. Trump –45th President of the United States and the greatest, smartest man who ever lived– was confused.

If you like it, please read! And if you don’t… all feedback welcome! I’m not a writer; and this is my first crack at something like this. Would love any feedback at all to try to improve. Have a great day!

PS. Btw, if there’s a better place on Reddit to post this, please lmk. I’m all ears. Thank you!

Posted on r/thewestwing:

Like everyone else this past four weeks, I’ve been quarantined in my apartment and have been slowly going crazy. As one’s wont to do, I often rewatch TWW clips on YouTube to help me get through the day.

I’m positive this has been posted many times already, but can you ever get enough Josh press briefings? Of course not:

My question though: Partially inspired by TWW, and partially just to cope with all the insanity that’s been unfolding this year so far, I’ve decided to start writing political satire/humor in the spirit of Borowitz, Buckley, and Sorkin. I was just watching one of the recent Trump pressers and, man, it just felt divined a Sorkin scene waiting to happen. It’s very heavily inspired by the TWW– but just imagine Trump instead of Bartlet. I know… it’s tough. But try:

Here’s a brief excerpt:

It was as undeniable as it was indisputable: Man doesn’t choose his destiny. Destiny chooses the man. Donald J. Trump, Mensa-level septuagenarian, was destined for this singular moment in American history.

Only he, and he alone, could deliver the nation to salvation in its darkest hour.

Trump threw open the French doors of the Roosevelt Room like Columbus stepping off the Santa Maria.

“Alright, people. Answers. What do you got for me?”


I’ve written most of the first chapter but have no idea if it’s good; it’s still rough, but does have its moments? I think? Anyway, apologies if this is the wrong place to post (if so, please lmk), but I didn’t know exactly where this belonged. If anyone has any suggestions for where to post, I’d be infinitely grateful. Thank you so much!

PS. Btw– yes, I have already posted this on the r/FanFiction reddit. But next to all of the Harry Potter and Dragon Ball submissions… it just felt not exactly the right place? Also, I’ve looked into r/Satire and r/PoliticalHumor but the first one doesn’t seem very oriented towards long-form; and the latter requires images, so a no-go there.