The Battle Station: A User Story

Every morning, I wake at a leisurely hour and waddle over into the kitchen to make my usual coffee and bagel with cream cheese. Then I putter into my room and unhurriedly take a seat at The Battle Station.

The Battle Station is a six-display setup in a 3×2 configuration. Each display is 43″ and pushes ~4k– specifically 3840×2160.

By the time I sit in front of the Battle Station, all six displays have already woken up (when not in use, they’re either dormant, in power-saving mode, or they’re displaying some cool screensaver that looks very technologically futuristic and fancy).

On Display 1 & Display 2, the Nancy the News Scraper is already running. Basically, 24/7– Nancy monitors all of the major news outlets on the internet. Her job is to keep me informed on significant world events. On any given day, where’s the news cycle? What are the headlines? What’s the general global sentiment? [By sector? By company? By topic? Ponder this more.]

Nancy – Phase I

Every morning, Nancy I will scrape the homepages of several major news outlets (Bloomberg, NYT, Yahoo Finance, WSJ), save their homepages as giant, full-page, png-files on imgur, and display each homepage in its “News Bizcomp.”

In its current state, Nancy I doesn’t do anything fancy (anything AI-related; though that’s an eventual hope). Currently, I just rely on Nancy I to assist aggregating and archiving each day’s news headlines into imgur. Essentially, right now I just want an easy way to “time travel.” When I’m performing historical analysis, I want an easy way to look at any particular day and pull up its chart, relevant news, and general headlines of that particular across multiple publications.

In the future, Nancy II will scrape all of the major news sites, looks at the headlines, and identifies the headline’s chief subject. [More ideas?]

Two left-side two monitors:

The center two monitors:

The right-side two monitors: