Drawing the Line:  A Mini-Rant for Thursday

I am a judgmental person.  I’ll be the first to admit it.  I’m not proud of it but it’s true.  Sure, over the years, I’ve definitely sought to improve myself and try to generally become more accepting.  To become more inclusive and cognizant that folks come from all walks of life; that we all have unique backgrounds which shape and form us in indelible ways.  But there is still one pet-peeve that drives me bonkers:  Abbreviations.

Here is a completely arbitrary rule that I am super-judgmental about.  Acceptable (meaning, what I use, haha):  Btw, Idk, IMHO.  Unacceptable:  “C” == “see” and “U”== “you.”  (Eg. “I’ll c u later.”)  Oh, and “2” == “too” or “to.”  Why?  Idk.  For whatever reason, in my head I’ve deemed certain abbreviations acceptable and others monstrosities of the English language.  What are your arbitrary and entirely subjective rules that you secretly (or not so secretly) judge others by?  Post in the comments!  I’m genuinely curious!  Hope you’re having a wonderful Thursday!

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